PrioryPlan Complete        (known to some of our existing patients as 'Codeplan')

A comprehensive dental care plan including worldwide emergency cover

  • A Dental check-up including oral cancer check every six months.

  • Dental x-rays where clinically indicated.

  • Scaling and advice to help keep your gums healthy at each dental check-up.

  • Your treatment costs are included which means that you pay nothing further for fillings, root canal treatments and other necessary dental treatment carried out entirely at the practice and only pay laboratory charges at cost price when items are made outside the practice (for example for the fabrication of a crown or denture).

  • Cover against dental accidents and out of hours emergencies at home or abroad.

FROM £18 / month *             full terms and conditions can be found here

Frequently asked questions

Q. I used to be on a scheme run by Denplan, is this similar?

A. Yes, PrioryPlan Complete has a number of similarities with Denplan Care (not to be confused with Denplan Essentials) but is not associated in any way with Denplan or Simplyhealth.

Q. How do I know what the monthly fee for PrioryPlan Complete will be?

A. The monthly fee for Priory Plan Complete is determined by an assessment of your dental status at the time of joining the scheme. Because treatment is included in your monthly fee, it reflects the level of risk that you will need intervention while a member. An assessment is carried out at your initial examination and scored objectively (a copy of this assessment is provided to you with the terms and conditions). You are then placed in a band lettered A,B,C or D, each of which has a corresponding monthly fee. The 2018 PrioryPlan Complete fees for new members are as follows

                                                                           A    £18 / month

                                                                           B    £25 / month

                                                                           C    £30 / month

                                                                           D    £39 / month

Q. Who administers PrioryPlan Complete?

A. PrioryPlan Complete is administered by Codeplan Ltd on behalf of Priory Dental. However the responsibility for your routine care (excluding worldwide emergency cover) remains with Priory Dental. Codeplan Ltd levy a £10 joining fee for new members which is paid directly to them.


Q. How do I access emergency treatment while on PrioryPlan Complete?

A. While you are in the local area please get in touch with the surgery (out of hours follow the instructions on the 'emergencies' page). If you are outside the local area or abroad, please find a local dentist for emergency treatment. In these situations, treatment costs can be claimed back up to certain limits which are set out in the terms and conditions.

Important information


PrioryPlan Complete is a dental plan administered by Codeplan Ltd on behalf of Priory Dental. A joining fee of £10 applies to new members. *The monthly fee is dependent upon an oral health assessment at the time of joining the scheme. Your contract for dental services during normal working hours is with Priory Dental while cover against dental accidents and out of hours emergencies worldwide is provided by Codeplan (separate terms and conditions apply)

Full terms and conditions can be found here