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Priory Dental Wells

Many of our existing patients simply pay as they go and we believe that our private fee structure is highly competitive in the dental market. A guide to our pay-as-you-go fees is set out below. It is available from the practice and can also be found on the noticeboard in our waiting room.

We also offer the option of subscribing to one of our dental plans – PrioryPlan and PrioryPlanflex.

Both of these plans are maintenance plans in which treatments (such as fillings, crowns, dentures) still need to be paid for in addition to the monthly plan fee. The monthly fee covers an appointment every six months (PrioryPlan) or every three months (PrioryPlanflex) and it has been designed this way to keep the monthly fee as low as possible. In simple terms, PrioryPlan gives you a dental examination with a dentist every six months and PrioryPlanflex offers you either an examination with a dentist or a hygienist visit every three months. Please see the respective pages on PrioryPlan and PrioryPlanflex for more information.

Private fees

Routine dentistry
New Patient Examination (including any intra-oral x-rays where required)   £75
Routine Examination (Existing patients, excluding any intra-oral x-rays)                £50
Under 18 Examination (New or Existing patients, excluding any intra-oral x-rays)                £27
18-25 Examination (New or Existing patients, excluding any intra-oral x-rays)                £37
Scale (with dentist at time of examination) £28
Scale and polish (with dentist at time of examination)    £38
x-rays (intra-oral, each) £12
Panoramic (OPG/DPT) x-ray £55
Gum Shields £86
Gum Shield for an under 18s at time of a dental examination (50% off) £43
Hygienist maintenance visit (30minutes)              £75
Direct access hygiene visit (30minutes)   £75
Periodontal (gum) Disease Management (with Hygienist or Dentist)
Assessment / Review   £75
Non-surgical therapy (per session) – for treatment of active gum disease             £148

Please Note:  Non-surgical therapy sessions are 60minutes with our hygienists and 30minutes with our dentists and therefore offer significantly better value when undertaken by our hygiene staff)

Fillings (including white composite fillings)          from £89
Routine Extractions
Single tooth from £95
Endodontics (root canal treatment)
Emergency extirpation (for relief of pain) £135
Root Canal Treatment: First canal £385
Root Canal Treatment:Second canal £95
Root Canal Treatment:Third canal £95
Emergency / urgent treatment
In-hours urgent appointment for existing patients (where no higher fee applicable)                £75
Extended In-hours urgent appointment for new patients (where no higher fee applicable) £150
Out of hours call-out (Existing patients only)      £150

Private fees – Restorative Dentistry (Crowns, Bridges and Dentures)

Smile Makeovers
Preliminary assessment (discussion of potential options) – 20minutes £55
Full case assessment (inc study models, photographs and written treatment plan) £145

Please Note: All Smile Makeovers are priced individually following full assessment.

Tooth Whitening
‘Boutique’ Tooth Whitening £399
Crowns/ Onlays
Monolithic Zirconia - Standard from £645
Monolithic Zirconia - Premium £795
Layered Zirconia £945
Monolithic Lithium Disilicate
Monolithic Lithium Disilicate £795
Gold Individually priced
Recement crown £75
Resin-retained (‘Maryland’) £945
Conventional bridge (per unit) £795
Recement/re-bond bridge £120
Acrylic Partial (upper or lower) from £585
Single upper or lower full denture from £625
Upper and lower full dentures from £995
Metal Partial (upper or lower) from £1200
Denture repair from £75
Denture reline from £135
Denture addition (per tooth) from £95

Private Fees - Dental Implants and Surgical Dentistry

Dental Implants
Preliminary assessment (discussion of potential options) – 20minutes    £55
Full case assessment (inc. study models, photographs and written treatment plan) £145
Full case assessment with Cone-beam CT scan at the same visit (where appropriate) £225
Cone-beam CT Scan (at a separate visit)              £135
Dental Implant – Surgical placement and restoration (guide for single units) from £2750

Please Note: All dental implant treatment is priced individually following full assessment.

Surgical Procedures
Surgical extraction from £169
Impacted Lower third molar (wisdom tooth) surgery (per tooth) from £499

Private Fees – Orthodontics (Invisalign / Clear braces)

Preliminary orthodontic assessment (discussion of potential options) – 20minutes £55
Full orthodontic case assessment (including 3D intra-oral scan) £170
Itero 3D intra-oral scan (at a separate visit) £55
Invisalign™  Clear Braces  from £2600
Vivera removable retainers (x3 sets) single arch               £225
Vivera removable retainers (x3 sets) dual arch   £450
Essix removable retainer (x1 set) single arch £95
Essix removable retainer (x1 set) dual arch £190
Supported Fixed retainer from £275

NHS Fees (where applicable to patients seen on an NHS basis)

Please see https://www.nhs.uk/nhs-services/dentists/dental-costs/understanding-nhs-dental-charges/ for current NHS dental charges.